Joan Woods
Cherokee Casino - Sallisaw Cherokee Casino - Sallisaw
Sallisaw, Oklahoma
"Joan Woods"
The WORST! I got the worst treatment from the employees and the management. Me and my friends were on a motorcycle trip and stayed at the motel across the street. We are upper middle class income folks that line to relax and have a few drinks at the end of the day. We went over there to gamble a little and listen to the band. I had 3 drinks all.night, my buddies anywhere from 1 to 5 drinks. I was sitting there most of the night without a drink. Then security surrounds me and tells me I am cut off from the bar. WTH? We weren't being rowdy or anything!! Long story short, it escalated to management and we are escorted out. They could not give me a reason why I was cut off. Total goons. All the other customers were drinking freely. We were told from other locals it was probably because we had Harley Davidson shirts on. Those shirts probably. It's more then most of those other customers entire wardrobe. We were treated badly. We are not a gang!