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Kalispell, Montana
I have never been so disappointed. I am a poor college student from Missoula and I decided to treat my girlfriend to Montana clubs "lobster fest." I ordered a lobster and a steak medium rare. When I received my 45$ lobster, it was so cold I couldn't cut through it nor bight through it. I actually wasn't able to swollow a bite. I moved on to my medium rare steak and it was so dry I had to ask for A1 just to choke it down. I am not one for confrontation, But I decided to suck it up and mention the problems I had with my meal. I followed up by asking to speak to the manager...after waiting a while the waitress came back said the manager comped you for your drink. He couldn't come talk to me like a manager is supposed to? I didn't even get to enjoy ONE BITE? Poor management, I would expect more from a manager working under Nick and Bob. I am a manager at a local restaurant here in Missoula and I know the meaning of customer service. It's a slap in the face the manager couldn't even make time to apologize.... No way would I make someone spend that kind of money on something that isn't even edible. Spending $76.95 for a good meal is splurging for me and I get comped for a $6.00 drink?!? I will never eat there again and I would advise anyone if they want a meal that is worth their money to look elsewhere.