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Jul 30 '15 at 15:14

Isabelle Grace

Seven Clans Casino Thief River Falls

Isabelle Grace
Honestly this place is horrible. ok let me rephrase that, the staff and management here is horrible. They are extremely rude and unprofessional. The check in staff are unwelcoming and that's being polite, the management staff are uneducated and lack any skills in customer service. I was shocked that half the staff (and that is sadly not even an exaggeration) have hickeys all over their faces and necks, they have no mannerism and again absolutely no customer service skills. I've stayed at many many hotels and granted I wasn't expecting the MGM Grand or the Bellagio but I was expecting hospitality at the hotel. The water park is nice and a great place for kids, the casino it's self is just that a casino, the rooms are outdated but sleepable. The hotel itself would be fine but the staff just ruins the whole thing. Someone commented on here that most of the staff looks and dresses like gangsters and for me I don't care how they dress or what they look like... they could have tats from head to toe (at least then their hickeys would blend in), they can dress in anything they want as far as I'm concerned but their lack of service, lack of knowledge and lack of self respect in their job makes this hotel a horrible place to stay. It honestly makes me sad to see such a possible wonderful place be run by untrained individuals. I was hoping to be proud to be there and was thrilled to stay at a hotel that was run by my own people but after being there I'm embarrassed and disgusted with the image they portrayed to any and all visitors. I know going forward I will not be back to this hotel and yes I am only one customer that they are losing but I think the bigger issue is that they not just lost my business they also lost all of my respect. I can go 45 minutes up 59 and stay at shooting star and be treated like I am welcomed. I do not in any way, shape or form recommend this hotel to anyone. Hopefully the GM or even the owner(s) will take some of these reviews and try and make the necessary changes needed by maybe incorporating some rules, guidelines, guidance, and training. And I strongly believe they should start with the management staff.