rhonda stahl
Lady Lil's - Missoula
Missoula, Montana
"rhonda stahl"
The number of stars depends on who is working ...on nites where Ryan is working the experience is a fun time and he is ALWAYS on top of our (my hubby and me) needs be it change, cash or snacks or something to drink...and Ryan has always been a delight talking about current events or our kids....then there are the other nites....there is a new guy working here who is simply CrEePy....one nite he came in we left and I felt bad about leaving the sole woman alone with the odd guy...me and my hubby went to the casino across the street....and five minutes latter the lady walked in the door....and mentioned how strange the new guy is... so on Ryan nites I give Lils a 5...on weird dude nites (and you can forget about getting a soda or coffee) I would give a negative number