Walter Macalma
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Ciudad Quesada
"Walter Macalma"
Café Colma, Lucky Chances Casino, Lucky Casino: Call it what you will, but when it comes to all hours Filipino food you can't go wrong or find much better than this. On a Friday or Saturday morning after clubbing in the city you may find more of a crowd at Ling Nam Noodle House as it's in Daly City and not Colma, much closer to the heavily Filipino populated Daly City. Their ilog combo's are what their known for whether it's longsilog, tapsilog, bansilog. I went with the Bangsilog combo which always comes with Garlic rice. It's not quite how I make it at home where I smear the grease on the rice for flavor or where I eat 6 links instead of 3, but the bangus was perfectly fried, filleted, and deboned. It was cold so I went with the Arroz caldo which also was good, but I'm used to being made with whole chicken and all parts rather than cubed chicken pieces. I wanted the skin floating around. This had a hard boiled egg and no saffron. I prefer the smaller quail eggs in mine. I went with the Ginataan for dessert which used too much banana and was a little thick. If you want the dirtier(not dirty in the sense of cleanliness, but fatty greasy flavorfulness) home cooked style cafeteria food go to Ling Nam's, heck maybe even carpool from the City. Colma Café is the place to be, just don't be a degenerate gambler and watch the sunrise after clubbing and eating from gambling the wee morning hours away.

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