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May 23 '16 at 19:20

Too bad I had to give a star when I would have given minus several. Lies and fraud and total incompetence!! Both agents and what they laughingly 'customer service'! What was supposed to be $73 charged to a dedicated credit card, wound up being $153 removed from my personal debit card! There's a good reason why the man at the PBI counter doesn't wear a name tag. He charged an extra $40 because my name was on the card and my son was the pick-up person. Two hours late and I got charged $44 which was twice as much as the daily rate ($20)!! And if you cancel without at least 72 hrs notice, they charge you the whole rate. The No Name agent urged me not to fill up the tank, saying I'd only be charged $2.18 a gallon, then had me initial to approve being charged $8.99 a gallon! Small decals on the windows said that there might be a charge of up to $250 for cars brought in dirty--may include smoking. Nothing mentioned by No Name at the counter. So I stopped and paid for a professional wash and vacuum.