Leigh Classen
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Los Angeles
"Leigh Classen"
My friends and I came here for lunch and it was a beautiful day to be in the outdoor area enjoying lunch. Unfortunately it was a bit of an odd meal in terms of service and food quality. It had a higher end feel being there so it was nice to be in, but we thought the service and food would reflect that. Our server would disappear for a while, messed up some of our orders and some things were just lacking on flavor. I got a chicken chimichurri sandwich and there wasn't much chimichurri sauce on there at all and salad didn't come with dressing and server was gone for too long to even ask. Others had either messed up meals or they were lacking anything special too, but still felt nice to be here. The bread from their bakery on the sandwich was great and we got some bakery treats after that were really good. I agree with others that you should come here for bakery items, not so much the meal.