Jared Castle
Three Rivers Casino and Hotel Three Rivers Casino and Hotel
Florence, Oregon
"Jared Castle"
On a Friday business trip to Florence, my wife and I decided to stop in at Three Rivers Casino Resort for lunch and entertainment. We arrived just minutes after the World Market Buffet opened (11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Lunch is $9.99 a person. In addition to the standard casino buffet fare, the buffet features a carving station, a dessert station and a salad station. The prime rib at the carving station drew us in first and we each received generous medium-rare cuts with a deep brown crust and a juicy pink center. I added a piece of fried cod and an Asian chicken wing sprinkled with sesame seeds. My wife returned to the carving station for another slice of prime rib while I browsed the salad station, which offers chilled plates that complemented the cantaloupe and honeydew melon slices I selected. The real treat is in the center of the salad station, where a server prepares salads made to order. I was mulling over standard salad bar offerings when the server, Samantha Fox, asked if she could prepare a “Spring Summer Caesar Salad” for me. I agreed. Samantha asked me if I wanted grilled chicken or shrimp. I chose the shrimp. With the enthusiasm and charm you’d expect from a celebrity chef hosting her own TV show, she explained each ingredient as she prepared the dish. I posted a photo of the Spring Summer Caesar Salad. Satiated, I returned to thank Samantha for a wonderful salad and recommended that the casino place more signage around her station to highlight the freshly-prepared salad. A lunch of prime rib, Caesar salad and fresh fruit for $9.99 is a great value. My wife and I look forward to returning. I conclude with a suggestion and a recommendation. World Market Buffet could better label the condiment section and consider providing duplicate bowls of horseradish and creamed horseradish at the carving station next to the au jus. My recommendation to customers is arrive early. The buffet filled up at noon. Credit the wait staff for quickly clearing tables, keeping the wait time down to a minimum.