Wayne Morris
The Mill Casino Hotel The Mill Casino Hotel
North Bend, Oregon
"Wayne Morris"
We haven't traveled the Oregon Coast for about 3 years and I was surely surprised to find that the Mill RV Park now charges $15.00 per night to park in their gravel parking lot. We're self-contained and have no need for anything offered by the rv park, i.e., water, dump, wifi, showers, etc. Normally, we set a limit of $200 per day for gambling and always ate meals at the casino. I looked at the casino website and then called to inquire about the $15 parking charge........YUP, that's correct......they want to charge me for parking just so I can spend money! Sadly, the Mill will not be getting any of my money this trip. It's only a short drive to Florence where Three River's Casino still provides FREE RV parking. This is the first money grubbing casino that I've found in my travels that charges to park in a gravel parking lot so I can lose my money. Travelers beware.