Tracy Kathka
Buff's Bar & Casino Buff's Bar & Casino
Forsyth, Montana
"Tracy Kathka"
I have eaten here many times in the last 4 years that I have worked in Four Corners. I ate there today and I have never had such an uncomfortable dining experience. I was treated very, very poorly by the cooks. I ordered the fish sandwich. On their menu, every sandwich they have specifies what kind of cheese comes with it. For the fish sandwich, no cheese was mentioned. So I assumed (shame on me) that there wasn't any cheese on the sandwich. The sandwich came and it had melted American cheese on it. I have a dietary issue with cheese and I cannot eat it, per expensive doctor's orders. Upon discovery of the cheese I immediately returned it to the waitress and explained that I didn't realize that the sandwich had cheese on it and asked if I could get a new one. I was even prepared to pay for both. I went and sat back down at my booth that was positioned right next to the kitchen window. Moments later a cooked started mockingly complaining about the "b*tch who can't have cheese". I let that one go. Then when the sandwich was ready, the cooked called to his waitress "the dumb b*tch’s sandwich is ready, WITHOUT CHEESE! hardy har har." My dining partner could not let that one go and let the cooks know that we could hear every word that they were saying. The waitress told the cooks to keep it down but it didn't seem to matter anymore. The cook starred at us the whole time we finished eating, very uncomfortable. Needless to say I had already lost my appetite and the trust that my food was not tampered with. In this economy, that is no way to treat a repeat customer or let your staff shoot off at the mouth. There are plenty of people out there that need jobs that will respect the establishment they are working for.