Aaron Thomas
Greektown Casino Greektown Casino
Detroit, Michigan
"Aaron Thomas"
Greektown (a.k.a. J.A.C.K.) has been undergoing some serious renovation, and the place is looking better all the time. The comps available for multiple restaurants right down the street is a nice touch as well. Unfortunately, they are falling short in a couple areas that are starting to make the gaming area and bars quite unattractive. It seems every time I visit the craps area on the weekends (and we're talking several occasions), it's nearly impossible to comfortably join a normal table. They'll often have 2 "Crapless" craps tables with a bit of open space and then a single, packed-like-a-wall normal craps table. Okay, I get it. The Crapless games have a considerably higher house edge, so if people are willing to throw their money away faster, might as well let 'em ride all night long, right? In the meantime, they have 3-4 empty normal craps tables, several people looking to get involved in a normal game (such as myself), and no one able to meet the demand. Some advice to management (since it appears they read this) - Be aware, this isn't just my own grievance. Nearly every time I've been to Greektown this year, I hear other, random patrons grumbling about this. This is turning into a deal breaker for me and my weekend crew. If you don't find a way to turn this around relatively soon, we'll have to take our future entertainment gatherings to MGM. The only other immediate issue I'd recommend looking into is your long pours at the bar. They're quite stingy compared to your competitors and other local bars. If I drop $10-14 for a middle shelf liquor, I expect more than a couple sips in a plastic cup. Hoping to see J.A.C.K. rise to the top, but there's still some holes to fill. Cheers!