Sam Fawaz
PT's Gold - East Silverado Ranch 1
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Sam Fawaz"
Be ware of overcharge after you pay the bill, check your bank statement. I went with my wife few days ago to PT's to enjoy our time and have some fun. Everything went well until we checked our bank statement after a couple of days later. Here is the thing, we paid a total of $48.00 (tip included) using debit card. Then, couple of days later while checking my bank statement I discovered that I was charged a total of $67.83!!! I went to PT's and talked to the manager, she said that this always happens for some reason and her IT department cannot fix it, and that it's our bank's fault. I said my bank never ever overcharged me for anything, then she replied that this happens often with their payment system, and that I should expect a refund within 3 days. Well, guess what, it has been over a week now, and no refund was issued. What shall I call them!!??? You be the judge.