Sheran Davis
Rivers Casino
Des Plaines, Illinois
"Sheran Davis"
Your customer service phone line is terrible. And why don't you like all the other casinos keep the coupons in the system by players numbers? I wanted to drive over from Wisconsin and I was on hold for at 45 min and the customer service person could tell me is no. I was bring 4 people over, but your customer service representatives are not very helpful and when you ask for a manager they tell you one will call you back. Well I've already been on hold for 45 minutes all I want at this point is some assistance. You need to make your reps more qualified to make decisions. Or be able to speak to a member of the management team for assistance. I ca n now see why your review score is at a 2. And if your leaders on this facility are acceptable with that score that's sad. Very bad customer service. Train your team members to be better trained to assist the player. Very frustrated with you guys right now. And guess what I'm on my way to Michigan to New Buffalo Casino with 3 other people. Very disappointed with Rivers right now. And guess what I'm still waiting on my call back, and you're slow.