JJ Pinkus
Canterbury Park Canterbury Park
Canterbury, New South Wales
"JJ Pinkus"
As with any gambling establishment, many people leaving one star reviews are probably upset they lost money. I want to be objective as possible with my take on Canterbury, and I think I can, for I have neither won nor lost a significant amount here. The variety of blackjack they offer is nice, with some interesting takes I haven't seen many places elsewhere. The minimum bets usually aren't too high either (around $10 when I've been there) which makes for a nice experience. For the bad now: the premises need some SERIOUS renovations. As a casino, they have no excuse for the outdated look they sport in their eating and drinking areas. Even the TVs were underwhelming. The food is also, for the most part, not good. I really wished they had better, more fresh options in their indoor cafeteria. Most food you'll find here is concession quality. That being said, watching the horse races is fun, especially as a family activity. It's much better to come here for the races, but unless you want to play Texas hold 'em, I would stick with Mystic Lake for your gambling needs.