Robert Davies
Palace Station Hotel and Casino Palace Station Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Robert Davies"
Probably the cheapest buffet in town with a free players card! Lunch is cheap, and breakfast is ludicrously cheap. Cheaper than going to a McDonalds, and the food is better. With the above being said, it's not the most glamorous of buffets, or the most extensive choice, but for the price to quality ratio, I think it's excellent. I found the food fresh, and tasty, and being seated was always quick, but there is always a bit of a queue no matter what time you, especially around 1-2pm. If I were to improve it, I would have selfserv drink stations, rather than having to wait on the server. I hate tipping, so I would stop leaving tips for the servers, BUT instead give them to the kitchen staff (they usually have a couple of tip pots tucked away), because when you go to a buffet, you are not expecting a silver service, you're going for the food. It's like tipping the person at McDonalds who took your order, would you tip them? If not, why tip a server? Do you tip a taxi driver? Why not a bus driver? Same principle. But the food is good enough it's worth tipping the kitchen staff. I would also improve on the carvery station, so that there is more meat, and cooked more thoroughly. They often run out of the main stuff, but usually it's replaced pretty quickly. They have a large desert station as well, with a selfserv icecream machine, that does chocolate+vanilla, and a sorbet machine I think. It is not the largest desert selection I have ever seen (that goes to Main Street Casino), but it's decent enough for the price, and have a desert for everyone.