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Apr 22 '15 at 17:33

Kunjan Shah

Kunjan Shah
I have used this center twice (or once rather and the 2nd time the guy who had signed up, never showed up). I have found that they significantly up sell the skills of the workers. I am happy to help day workers with earning some money, but just because they are a non-profit does not preclude them from being honest and professional. The first time I picked up someone, I was told he was very proficient in the task only to find he had little to no experience. The second time, the guy wanted to work on Sunday - I drove 20 mins to the center and waited there for another 20 mins and he never showed up. I left a message at the center about this and no one bothered to call me back to apologize or explain. I think firstly, the Center needs to be honest about their workers' skill level. The can only do tasks that don't require training or experience. Second, they need to follow up on each appointment with the customer. This will give them a better idea of the skill/ quality of each person that they send out. Otherwise, this will simply remain a concept that looks good on paper and not work in reality. They have a pretty home and yard they seem to have built with private company donations and/or tax payer money. Its time they earn their keep.