Dogrooming House
King's Ransom Casino King's Ransom Casino
Mooringsport, Louisiana
"Dogrooming House"
By far best casino in vegas me and a groom of people have done test on this casino when dress poor or you are Hispanic or African American proven fact one you get follow even if you put big bucks and play max vet you still don't win I put it to the test I've send Asian and white friends all dressed up and ready for a black n white party and aside if you win on slots or not person at door suddenly moves he opens doors if you arent coming in through the one that open by itself I've send a group of friends African American and Hispanic sane way dressed up n looking high rollers they don't even get acknowledge the door man becomes a statue workers pretend they need to clean the area were they were at seems to me they want to attract a very obiosly group of people this is why you can go any time if the day and all you see is Asians and white very expensive attractions I say just make it a club members only and be specific and make sure you say the race you allow to the club. REALITY PEOPLE OFTEN MAKE TO MUCH MONEY BY HAVING TOP OF THE GAME PENTHOUSE AND FORGER WHO PUTS FOOD ON THEIR MOUTH EVERY ONE IN THIS PLANET CAN SURVIVE WITH WHAT THE PLANET HAS TO OFFER FOR FREE Imagen I'd we do acknowledge what the planet earth has to offer would we have palms? And I'm not a mad mad gambler I'm just a happy dog groomer who wouldn't never change my career animal have a better understanding for not only one another but for us humans