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Apr 11 '16 at 12:06

Cady Schmid

Cady Schmid
My boyfriend and I recently stayed at the Tropicana resort for a few nights until my family joined us on the Island for a week stay. I was extremely excited for this trip to the island as it was my boyfriend's first visit (6th for me). However, upon arrival to the resort, I was very disappointed with the condition of our room and was upset that this would be his first impression of the island. Our room smelled of mold, which was not a good thing for my asthma or allergies. There were lots of small knat-like bugs all over our unit floor and tables which made us nervous to sleep inside the sheets and laid a towel over the pillows. The microwave in the kitchen did not work. The freezer smelled of rotten food. My current job requires me to work from my personal laptop, but since we could only get Wi-Fi outside at the bar, I was unable to work with my clients for the two days that we were at the resort. We also were awaken in the middle of the night to some alarm going off but once it turned off we were unsure if we should have been exacuating or not. A call from the desk informing us of the cause of the alarm and reassuring us that nothing was wrong would have been appreciated. We did throughly enjoy our time at the Bikini bar with Gino though. He made our evening fun and made us feel like we were surrounded by friends. The pizza at Pizza Bob's was delicious. Overall, we were very dissatisfied with our stay at the Tropicana. We have since moved to the Marriott resort and will most likely return here some day. Having been to the island 6 times now, I have stayed at various resorts and have to say that the Tropicana was the worst experience I have had yet.