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Jul 4 '16 at 20:48

Judy Moore

San Manuel Casino

Judy Moore
I don't like San Manuel Casino. I use to do okay there but now they have a low pre-set payout ratio. I know the management is going to reply with how much they payout daily. I guess you have to be a "certain people" to be one of those winners they are speaking about. They used to have signs saying you can only play one machine when others are waiting. Now they say it is okay to play more than one because they just want the money, no matter who's it is. I like to play in the no smoking room but there are always people smoking in there. I usually have to tell the person that this is the no smoking room because there is usually no staff around. And forget about getting a drink in that room. Too often I have waited hours before seeing anyone offering drinks. Once I had two change persons call for drinks and no one came. Then I saw a supervisor and asked him if there was anyone coming around with drinks? So he called and still no one came for hours. I like to get the ice cream cones and the girls leaves the register to prepare it don't put a glove on the hand that she is holding the cone in. I always tell them to put a glove on both hands. Once I was in line and told one of the supervisors back there that the girl didn't have a glove on. The supervisor said the cone has the paper sleeve. I told her can't you see the girl's finger and thumb are above sleeve and touching the cone. I thought food handling training said you should put on gloves before touching food, especially if you just touched money. I wish i could give you no stars, because you don't deserve any.