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Apr 29 '16 at 13:41

Loni Dangler

Loni Dangler
Jarm Mackey, the assistant director has an attitude out of this world! he was arguing with me in front of everyone all because I asked him if the bar by the pool was open... in which he replied to me with a sarcastic response of "well it looks set up doesn't it", I smiled and brushed that comment off and I proceeded to walk over there, only to find that they were closed until 11. I walked back over to him and let him know "for the record, that bar doesn't open until 11." just so he can not further inform patrons of false info. AND that's when all hell broke loose, he proceeded to yell at me in front of my family, and call me harsh names, got on his phone and called someone using profanity about me to them. this is so tasteless and sad since I have always loved Atlantis but this ruined my stay here for sure. Very sad. I won't be back as long as THESE are the employees who continue to work here.