Jessie Sangil Realtor
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"Jessie Sangil Realtor"
We paid for a NIGHTMARE!!! I have stayed at the Bahia Principe in Punta Cana and thought this one would be just as good. However, was terribly surprised at how horrible this particular resort was. We paid extra to have a Deluxe Junior Suite. First room we had, the paint was peeling from ceiling and room smelled moldy. Next day we told the concierge and were changed to different room. The mini-bar in the new room was not cooling. We called maintenance and the man that showed up said that the mini-bar was fine and that is the way it was supposed to be--clearly we knew he was lying as the only thing working in the first room was the mini-bar. The mini bar was never replaced or repaired. The beds and pillows were hard as a rock and the A/C only has 2 options, Freeze or Melt!! Another thing that was horrible was the housekeeping. First time, housekeeper took our towels while we were at the beach and left us with none. We called the front desk and more than 4 hours later they brought us the new towels. Second time we had an issue with the housekeeper was when we asked for toilet paper. She asked us to wait 5 minutes and 3 hours later was when it was delivered. Not only was the room and service not what we had come to expect from Bahia Príncipe or any other resort where you pay money to enjoy your time but the selection and taste of the food was horrible!!! Seems like they use the leftover food from the previous day and put it back in rotation. One of the nights, we decided to stay in and order room service. We made the call at around 9:30 am to order burger and fries. At midnight our food had not arrived, we called and the man said the food was on the way to the room. When food arrived, the man that brought us the food said that the electricity in the kitchen was out and they were not able to bring us fries so he brought us NACHOS with a COLD BURGER! Also, did not like that we paid to relax but very day we had the people soliciting their services (timeshares, etc.) stalking us to see if we attended the presentation. It's horrible when you're paying money to relax but yet are being harassed by these people and you are not able to enjoy your time! We actually left the resort for a few nights to stay elsewhere. After this most recent experience with Bahia Príncipe, I will no longer be staying with this line of resorts due to the horrible experience my family and I endured. Very disappointing and horrifying experience!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!