catherine griffi
The American Casino at Costa Caribe Coral The American Casino at Costa Caribe Coral
Juan Dolio
"catherine griffi"
Prayed the reviews were wrong all the from our 2.5 hour ride from the airport. Sure enough people have a right to complain about this resort. The rooms were very dated with no coffee machine and no fridge. You have to ask for the extras lol. I so wished I brought my own cleaning supplies for the bathroom, it was pretty grungy, with sometimes hot water. The food in the main buffet was pretty bad, lived on fruit and veggies for the buffet visits. The Italian and Mexican restaurants were good, but booked up really fast. ( I wonder why) The pool is rather small and full early, you gotta be quick to reserve a chair. I would give the beach a 5 star, absolutely beautiful. Service at the bars were really good, Bahama mamas were awesome. I would have paid extra for a better hotel if I knew what I know now, certainly not worth the price. Never to return to this one. Wish I would have payed attention to the reviews before I booked this one