Tracy Lane
Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall
Jean, Nevada
"Tracy Lane"
So I decided to stay here for the night and was extremely disappointed.. From the get go registration process was very slow and they acted like us customers in line were a bother to them. Finally when we do get to our room we open the door and it's as if someone was still there..there was food n bags of who knows what I peek back out and try to talk to the cleaning staff to see what's up..they just kept telling me it wasn't there section I was just like can you clean it and they were just not getting it so I called down stairs dragged all our stuff back down stood in line again..they really didn't seem like they knew why I got a room like that ..but finally changed me to another one.. I had my 12 year old with me I decided to take her down to the was nasty down there trash everywhere and some stuff didn't even work and sticky like...for many that have family's maybe they can put more effort in to some kid stuff.. we ate at the dennys it was ok..the snack bar actually was the best..the lady that ran it had very good customer service.. decided to check out the pool and before we went we asked the cleaning staff if there was towels down there and they told us yes..they obviously didn't understand again so we were wet having to go back to our rooms so make sure u take towels... I don't know if I want to give them another chance...hopefully the owners will get standards a little better..

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