Carolina Najera
Harrah's North Kansas City Casino & Hotel Harrah's North Kansas City Casino & Hotel
North Kansas City, Missouri
"Carolina Najera"
I don't think I ever felt so disrespected in my life, we experienced racial discrimination by one of the so called "manager" His name is Tony Spencer. I had a hard time for him to give me his name and info, I requested to speak with his supervisor or someone above him but he refuse to get someone to help us and stated there was no one above him. Before we left I asked for his business card, I alerted him that I would contact corporate he then stated he would get the casino manager by then we were already being escorted by him and the officers and was advice I would be arrested if we stayed longer. I never met someone so disrespectful in my life and never thought I would experience this type of incident specially in a so called multicultural casino. I guess if you have an accent or look Hispanic or Midwestern avoid this place, you will be treated disrespectful and humiliated in public. It disgusts me that this corporation would hire someone with such low morals and unprofessional-ism, i would truly appreciate it if you guys would look further in to it. Hope it helps for feedback! PS. hire personal that doesn't have issues towards different cultural, ethnicity and race!

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