P.S. Frontin
Muckleshoot Casino Muckleshoot Casino
Auburn, Washington
"P.S. Frontin"
I used to think this was a great place to party every other Saturday night with friends, until I recently experienced the snobby "strippers," oops, I mean no rhythm having, go go dancers that seem to think that because they have a spotlight shining on them, and are somewhat height weight proportionate, that this makes them God's gift to humanity. Oh, and let's not forget the lame DJ, who truly could give a crap about what the paying patrons of Muckleshoot and her listening audience really want to hear and groove to... Stale, weak @#!, wannabe's. If we all didn't come to party there, ya'll would be unemployed, so you might want to start showin some love to the peeps that give you a j.o.b.