Frank Harvey
Hawthorne Race Course Hawthorne Race Course
Cicero, Illinois
"Frank Harvey"
It's a huge place that is a throwback to the yesteryear of horse racing. It looks and feels like how going to the track was in the late 70's or 80's. The place needs to be updated and cleaned up. The bathrooms were filthy and the place could be a little cleaner. I didn't try the food as the place and the look of the kitchen kept me away. If a place looks like this how good can the food really be. As far as betting and affordability it gets better. Beer prices are very good, reserving a table or booth is very easy and cheap. The tables on the main concourse have a $20min of food and beverage service and a day at the track will certainly hit that mark. Great amount of large screen tv's plenty of machines but they also are old but still you don't have to wait in line to place a bet or check your ticket. The people taking the bets are very friendly and helpful and were funny and made it fun to place a bet so great window service. Our waiter for our table did not come by often but the bars were easy to walk up to and just order a round of drinks very quickly. As far as watching the races, plenty of TV's a nice upper deck and a nice paddock however the railing is a little high and actual road dividers as the wall you cannot huge the railing like you can at Arlington or other horse racing tracks. If you are regular guy who is just going for the racing and you are there for betting the horses rather than playing Kentucky derby dress up day then this is your place. A no thrills horse racing place and not a fancy joint at all but a easy place to have affordable fun then this is it. So with that in mind probably a 4 star place but since it's old school decor and cleanness and clientele of the people it's a 3.