Cheryl Bevard
Blackbird Bend Casino
Onawa, Iowa
"Cheryl Bevard"
NEVER eat here! The service was horrible and the food was worse. Our waitress, 1 of 2 on duty at the time, walked out while we were there because she was "stressed" - I guess that asking questions like "what beers do you have, what choice of potatoes are available, and "may I get a steak knife" were too much for her to handle. My fiance ordered ribs and I ordered a 14 oz ribeye. After 30 minutes we were told that the ribs take a long time (would have been nice to know up front). They were okay once they finally arrived. My steak was NOT okay. First, it was nowhere near 14 ounces, and second it was most definitely not a ribeye - more like a thin dried out piece of sirloin. We both ordered fries, but we got an order of fries and a baked potato - no offer of butter or sour cream. The vegetables (squash, zucchini, carrots) were overcooked and mushy. Save your money and avoid this place.

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