Kyle LeClaire
The Downs Racetrack & Casino The Downs Racetrack & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Kyle LeClaire"
Don't get me wrong I frequent this place more then Sandia and Isleta. However, most of the security staff are on sever power trips. I count literally two security staff members that are above and beyond and never hassled me. I get free play every month and so when I spend my hard earned money here and say for instance when my ex and I got in an argument I went out to the parking lot and my BMW and him were gone. Thinking the worst that he was possibly hurt or I got carjacked l I was needing to charge my phone and get ahold of him. That simple courtesy was declined and the only solution they could give me was calling 911 to report my car stolen. I didn't want to do that cause I didn't want my ex to go to jail and with no way to call him cause he always answers so this non-solution was unacceptable. I was quite displeased and made a complaint which to my surprise never had follow through. The one good thing is I do win here quite often