Mike Rolph
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Smith River, California
"Mike Rolph"
Breakfast comment only. Stopped in and ordered a '3' egg and cheese omelette with hash browns and toast. I ate one bite of the omelette. That was enough for me. How can anyone goof up an omelette? Here's how. Used pre mixed egg from a 5 gallon bucket. Dump into skillet approximately 3 egg's worth. Crank the heat. Sparsely sprinkle on a pathetically puny portion of cheese, fold in half when well done. Serve when texture of leather. I can make a superior omelette for about 50 cents. You can too. Note. California is the new dairy state so cheese shouldn't be hard to come by. I did not eat the hash browns. They looked fine. At least they didn't turn into hash blacks. The toast was my breakfast and was just fine. Bread probably was baked off site. If you're real hungry, by all means drop on in. Quality probably won't matter if the food saves you life.