Gil Gerretsen
Lucky 7 Casino Lucky 7 Casino
Smith River, California
"Gil Gerretsen"
Stay at the new hotel (Howonquet Lodge) with confidence. We were very pleased with this place. The Crescent City area has too many poor hotels and this one stands out on the side of excellence. In fact, it's probably the only one to stay at if you crave reasonable comfort and cleanliness, The staff were quick and pleasant at check-in. The also provided helpful answers and resources. The room was nicely appointed and spacious. A good value for the money. There's only one funny quirk. What is described as an ocean view room does indeed provide a distant view of the ocean ... over the parking lot and highway. But it's still quite far away. If you don't care for traffic noise, then you might prefer to choose the other side if you want to sleep with the porch doors open.