Darren Damon
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Las Vegas, Nevada
"Darren Damon"
1 star!! I'm pissed & upset & disappointed!! Why?! Well checking in was easy. Here my story I check in at 5pm! Room was on the highest top floor which was 28th! I ask the check in desk what time does pool close they said 6pm. Thank you :). Rush to the room but had fun playing on the elevator! Which other ppl kept getting off & other ppl try to make room sucking it all in lol! Anyways got to our floor finally!! Ran holding my 2 1/2 yr old nephew. Got to the room strip our clothes into swimming trunks. Ran back to elevator & wait wait & I waited!! Like come on!!! Finally elevator open & forget it same story going down stop every floor cramming ppl in!! & it got hot & humid inside!! Lol . Finally made it! By the time we made it my mom & sister we're already waiting!! Like WTH?! Really?! So again me & my nephew ran to the pool area like that movie scene National Lampoon vacation Wally World only this time we got there & security we're telling every1 sorry folks pool is closed! :( I & couple other ppl were like what?! It's barely 520pm! We still got 40 min left! At least give us our freedom!! For the love of god please!!! Sorry nothing I can do! As of right now as I look outside out my room window it is 7:18pm ppl are still swimming :(!!! My Twitter username is @DarrenDamon_88