New York-New York Hotel & Casino New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Visited a couple of the stores in and around this hotel including The Park that was just built. Had the best peppermint patty martini at the Hershey Chocolate bar inside the hotel next to the Hershey store. It was crazy how much it tasted like a peppermint patty!!! Giving the chocolate bar five stars. Haven't stayed at this hotel, it is one I would like to stay at on one of my visits to Vegas. Love the interior and the general vibe of the hotel. Like the low key casual nature of the hotel. If you looking for that kind of atmosphere and a centrally located hotel on the strip.... I would stay here. The pool area don't offer much compared to hotel like Mandalay Bay. But for the price point of the rooms, the location, and overall atmosphere and vibe it is worth seriously considering.