Jackie Boyce
Gran Bahia Principe La Romana Gran Bahia Principe La Romana
La Romana
"Jackie Boyce"
The complaints are too many to mention. Let me just mention what I think is happening. They make you sick with their food, so you have to visit a doctor that will charge you almost $200 only for consult (major ripoff). I refused to pay that doctor the money, so I went to La Romana with a taxi, got consult and medicine for less than $80. (taxi that waited on us,/consult/medicines/treatment/extra consult). When I told the doctor what I had to pay in the hotel, he was surprised, but laughed and said: "next time you can call me and I will come, cause it's my duty to treat sick people!" But probably the doctor will not be able to help you (or only in the lobby), because they have to promote their own hoteldoctor with his tourist price. GBP please do something about your hygiene and overall service!