Nickie Barbarino
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"Nickie Barbarino"
Just returned home from a week at the Taj Mahal for a dance convention ... don't do it, DO NOT STAY at this hotel. It is disgusting! First, the room was disgusting; the carpet was filthy with stains, the chairs were filthy with stains, the blankets at cigarette holes, the towels were ripped and ridiculously thin, they never replaced or gave us soap, the bathroom sink faucet constantly leaked, the fan in the bathroom (which did not work) had mold on it, etc., etc. (seen enough yet?) Continuing ... there was a cheerio outside my room on the carpet for 3 days (yuck and tells you how dirty everything was); on our first night, we requested extra towels and two more blankets ... it took them 2 days to send them up and that was only after I emailed the hotel and complained! There were roaches too ... NEVER again! Oh, and the hotel was also horrible; it smelled musty, the wallpaper was peeling in spots, and most of the restaurants were closed. And no free wifi! WTH? We also could not text while in the hotel nor could we make telephone calls because reception was bad! Although I asked for management to contact me, they never did. Terrible business practice!