Jessie Long
Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
"Jessie Long"
My review is going to be in three parts, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good, no alcohol- I know people love to drink I mean after all this is Wisconsin but there is nothing worse then being in a casino losing your money and dealing with obnoxious drunk people! Or to be winning and deal with obnoxious drunk people! That's why I hate potawatomi is the alcohol. I just hope that they keep offering the free coffee so the drunk people can sober up before they leave. Being this casino is on the outskirts of town it might not be a good idea to get people drunk and send them home. Speaking of the free coffee it's delicious, and i swear sometimes I decide to go to the casino just for the free coffee! The bad, the rewards club is a joke you have to spend a ton of money just to earn $5.00 in rewards play. Almost every casino I've been to offers amazing rewards for your birthday but not this one. The staff is very rude at the rewards booth. On the commercials they show happy smiling employees at the rewards booth but when you go there no one smiles, and they all act like you're an inconvenience to them! If you're going to work any customer service job you should be required to smile and be nice! The non smoking thing sucks, they built a box for the smokers and yeah it's enclosed and controlled with heat/ac but still it sucks to finally find a "good" machine and have to risk losing it just to go smoke. I'm really surprised they even went through with this because we can't give the casino our money when we are out in the box! The food offered is very overpriced and not that great! The ugly, the slots are ridiculous I don't mind that they are run by the bingo game what bothers me is that the slots they do have are all pretty much the same. Some form of quick hits everywhere you look it's quick hits, and they just don't pay. Sometimes you get lucky but not often! Also it's sickening to play any of the machines and get small to no wins. For instance a penny slot at max bet being $3.00 and win 3 cents, or 25 cents when you are betting the minimum amount being 30 cents I can see winning a penny or a quarter but when you bet dollars you should win dollars. Overall the is not a bad place to go if your looking for something to do but ho-chunk you really need to offer better rewards, get happy employees, don't get alcohol, bring back smoking, keep the free coffee, loosen up the slots, and get a verity of slots. Potawatomi has many different machines ranging from super jackpot party to the big bang theory they have so many different machines and that makes it fun. I recommend this casino for now until they get their alcohol license. Also I recommend that before going to this casino you plan what you are willing to lose and only take that with you because nine times out of ten you will lose!