Robert Sharp
Cales Casino Cales Casino
Plano, TX
"Robert Sharp"
We spent the 4th of July holiday here and it was as difficult and confusing a vacation as anywhere. The beaches are beautiful but the rooms and services were average at best. The fact that over 80% of the staff spoke very limited english made the stay even more difficult. The checkin process took about 1.5hours. When we finally got to our room it was 2 twin beds. We asked for a king bed. The beach front view is just that, a view (barely). The rooms were clean and comfortable. Each room had a jacuzzi but the mosquitos were unbearable. Free wi-fi was offered in our package and we discovered it is free from 4:00am-4:00PM in the casino only. It too was intermittent. The Casino was small. If you like tables there are 4-6 blackjack and poker and 3 roulette wheels. They spin the wheels so fast that you cannot get your chips in. And no one was friendly at all in the casino. The dealers were arguing amongst themselves about the way they paid out, or removed the chips from the table. To top it all off the reservations at the restaurants were booked when we arrived. You had to take 11:00pm reservations or wait at the desk. Even if not one showed they held the reservation. There were always plenty of available seats but they would not let you walk in. And you cannot use cash anywhere. To charge everything to your room was a bit scary. Not to mention we had $1,000 credit but no one could explain how to use it. We do not recommend this vacation unless you can speak fluent Spanish. I'd give it 2.5 stars but you cannot so I will give it 3.