Mark Pia
Aquarius Casino Resort Aquarius Casino Resort
Laughlin, Nevada
"Mark Pia"
I stayed in the suite on the 8th floor. It was nice, spacious, and well furnished. They're are plenty of plugs for chargers and had two desks, a seating area, a wet bar, a dining area with seating for 4 and two bath rooms. There is also a option to have another joining bedroom. The suites would be great for families or a large group. The only bad things would be the "little" touches here and there. The bathrooms only have one sink, the tub/shower is small but clean. There are minor scuffs and scrapes on the furniture, and the mini fridge on the bar leans forward so cans and bottles roll out when the door opens. The fridge was also not installed well, I almost lifted the whole thing out when I first opened it. And lastly, the front door sticks so you have to give it a kick or push with your shoulder to open. All in all the suite at the Aquarius was nice. It feels comfortable and the views are great. The only thing I notice about the Aquarius is that it is a old hotel trying to look new and they're doing an OK job at best at it. Those little touches or signs of wear and tear need to be fixed up and then it'll be a great hotel again.