Tara Rathbone
Crocodile Bay Resort Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez
"Tara Rathbone"
To start the local staff is amazing, this review has no reflection on the staff! The fishing was a joke. The boats head to the same spot everyday weather the fishing is happening or not. The boat circles the same area as if in Cruze control. There is no hunt or exploration. I CAN NOT believe we paid 1,500!!! And 300 per person per night for a room that was seriously equal to a motel 6. How Crocidial Bay charges these prices for the experience we had... It's a mystery to me. The grounds are not beautiful... Especially for being in Costa Rica!!! The only part of crocodile bay that's made our experience was the local staff and meals. I hope that they get 100% of the tip! Crocodile Bay-Huge disappointment!! UN- BELIEVABLE!!! Such a rip off!!!