Sebastian Hoffmann
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Miami, Florida
"Sebastian Hoffmann"
The ship is brand new don't worry food is fantastic but after the cruise they charging extra money on the credit card in Penting. We had a room payment from 1291 dollar and after the cruise they charged on our credit card a couple of amounts. All together extra 2158.46 dollar in pending. I called them And awnser was it is just to make sure they get there money. After 3-5 business days the pending goes back. I was sitting in miami after the cruise and I want to pay with my credit card for lunch because I thought I had enough money on my card and the bar kepper tolled me that's my credit card is not working. I had to borrow money from friends because my limit was reached. I asked also ncl to get money back fore the extra payment of fees for credit card. No chance. When ncl is doing that with 5000 people that's a lot of money guys. I can recommend carnival cruise magic family friendly and top service.