Steph Rosa
Norwegian Jewel Norwegian Jewel
Miami, Florida
"Steph Rosa"
This was a waste of time and money in my opinion. The food was not as good as they make it seem. The activities are mostly for teens and children. They only have one adult pool the size of a Small pool you would have in your backyard. The staterooms are extremely small, and not much ventilation circulating throughout the room. They say the price includes all meals it really does not. They charge you a separate charge of 13.50 per person per day. That's just dinning alone. If you decide you want to go to the buffet they charge you again a total of 9.97 each person. Ridiculous. If you leave your room each day someone will come and service your room for a total of 7.95 per person per day. It's a scam. I also unfortunately caught a bug on the ship when to emergency services to receive medication to my surprise they do not accept insurance. I had to pay $401 to see the doc. What a rip off. There is not much selection of Drinks. The complimentary drinks include water, lemonade, watered down kiwi strawberry(basically water with food coloring). The guest service was completely unprofessional and rude to us while we were on our stay. I was shocked after carefully picking this ship as my vacation. I will never cruise with Norwegian ever again. The only plus side I told my family and friends was the way the inside of the ship looked. It was beatiful to say the least.