Susan Doll
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Miami, Florida
"Susan Doll"
Horrible horrible horrible ....I will take my money and my business rather go cruise with Goofy..."customer service (insert what a joke ) is THE worst I have EVER experienced !!!, 20 minutes or more every time I call......40 minutes to book an excursion. I hung up in. Utter FRUSTRATION...complete understatement I am smarter than the average bear, and all 5 of your reps...I called back and pressed the button for booking a NEW cruise...what...someone answered in 1 you'll take my a new customers call, but keep customers that have already paid on line for extensive painstaking Wait...I told the rep...let me put YOU on hold...we appreciate you, we value your patience....BS....I will g on YELP and every other rate and review site for the whole WORLD( Europe,Asia,coast to coast US, get the point.) wide web to see if they wanna book a cruise with Negative Crappy Lines ....they will. See reviews and second guess investing THIER money I to a HORRIBLE company...between my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,and Linked In.....with one hit send button I can send this very review...-0 ..should be offered for this company.i will file a corporate camplaint after I cruise as your ignorant reps so rudely tell me..I have to wait after so y'all can get my money,then I'm sure I will have to wait 40 minutes to get one of your u knowledgable ...extreme understatement what a crappy way to treat your PAYING customers...who get WORSE treatment on the ship...your reps behind the "customer service....I'm choking...are extremely rude,abrasive,Unhelpful....beyond ignorant to help,perhaps you should say take a number for a waste of your TIME!!!!!!! The Spirit was a disgusting port o let toilet in my room for 3 days....did not flush...commen restroom were overflowing , stopped up with rolls of toilet paper...literally a who.e roll in one....carpet was soaked ,smelled, obvious for all to see blowers onthe walkways to was beyond NASTY!!!!! How many characters can I write????? I will take my money and my business elsewhere....makes Vegas look more and more fruitful!!!,