River Rock Casino
Geyserville, California
The Casino Resort is great compare to the other casinos nearby as it offers a lot more than gambling. Inside the casino, there is a theater and this offers wide varieties of shows from stand up comedy to live bands. Make sure to check out what's showing ahead of time if you are planning on checking it out. If you are planning on staying for a night or more, the hotel inside the casino offers excellent accommodations. I stayed for 2 nights with my girlfriend and we booked ahead of time but we encountered an issue with the booking so the resort fixed the situation by upgrading our room to an Executive Suite. Although they made the error, the resort accommodated me and solved the issue right away without any problems. The view from my suite is ok. It's over looking the Fraser River but tbh there isn't much to look at outside the patio. The actual suite is in great condition and well maintained although i didn't bring my black light and microscope LOL Room service is average and nothing spectacular about it. Make sure however to have smaller bills with you to tip those guys. The spa is good, very relaxing, and our individual masseuses are well trained and professional. The resort also has a pool, gym, steam rooms, and hot tubs where you can indulge yourself. This place also has a buffet and they offer excellent seafood during the weekends, Friday to Sunday. There is also another restaurant there called Tramonto which is fine dining. If you want to be romantic then this is the restaurant to be in and not the buffet since it's full of loud people lol Also there is a small food court which serves Chinese food and burgers located inside the casino floor if you want something quick and on the go. Overall the whole customer service is great. The staffs and managers working in the resort are all very polite and helpful. I did not encounter any rude staffs which is always a bonus. Well if you are staying at this place I hope you enjoy your stay and oh I almost forgot to mention, there is a pier outside the resort where you can enjoy the sunset and fresh air.