george bates
Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa
San Jose
"george bates"
One star is being generous, what a terible place, how this hotel has 3 stars i do not know. On arrival no one seemed to be bothered we had just walked through the door, after queing at reception for 10 mins we were then unpolitely told we were in the wrong hotel, after another 10 mins watching the receptionist have his head off we were handed over a key,...all down hill from here. After entering the dirty and broken lift we finaly arrived on the top floor, were we saw the corridor from an abandoned prisom. The room had two fold out beds which felt like they were going to collapse, you could not even budge without the thing squeaking, no worries though, after having a chat with the lovely staff they came up with a plan, cable ties! The ceiling in the bathroom was mouldy, and the taps kept falling off the wall along with the broken light switch, the door to the balcony didnt shut properly and felt like it was about to fall off the rusty old hinges, but oh well, we had a good view... a sports pitch... If you are looking for a quiet nights sleep i am affraid this is not the right place for you, the police were called everynight at more than one occasion, you could here everything your neibours were saying and doing for about 5 rooms along, ie: eating an apple, the coridorrs smelt of urine, and the swiming pool wasnt worth going in, is was so cold people were having sex in it to keep warm :0 the drinks at the bar were served in chewed plastic cups and when i was lucky enough to get a glass in the resturant it was chipped. Guests were drinking excessive amounts of alchool as they were so depressed about the whole thing. Feel sorry for them realy. I wish i had read the reviews before i booked... my advice is to take a tent and stay on the beech, it will be cleaner and safer!!!