R Buni
Riu Guanacaste Hotel and Casino Riu Guanacaste Hotel and Casino
"R Buni"
A terrible place. This by no means a 5 star. 2 star at most. Not sure where to start. Dont waste your money. Terrible service overall. if you want to actually hava a vaction, go to Dominican Repulic. List of a few things. 1- This 5 Star Resort will not allow a Taxi to pick you up or enter the property. 2- no free WiFi 3- Hotels uses keys instead of magnetic cards 4- All tours are overpriced. 5- Expect to get scammed everywhere you go. If you are reaching for your wallet there is a good chance you are getting scammed. 6- This resort is ISOLATED. Cannot stress that enough 7- No life Guards present on Beach. 8- Overpriced tours by tripple the price compairing to many destinations. 9- Thrifty runs a rental car desk. ( YOU WILL NEED A RENTAL CAR UNLESS YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD. oh dont count on getting a rental same day. They are always sold out and you need to Prebook. Never heard of that anywhere. 2 attempts made. 10- Hotel shows are directed by a 5 year old person. THAT BAD. 11- expect countless harrasment from beach free lancers. buy this, massage, overpriced atv rental and Ski Doo 12- Not sure why you are still reading. Dont waste your money in Costa Rica. Travel to Dominican Republic, Mexico or Cuba. Will have twice the vacation for half the price. Better yet go ro Malessia, or Thiland. Worth ir any day. This is a genuine review, Dont believe the 5 stars. Highly doubt they are genuine.