Catherine Jordan
Turtle Creek Crossing Casino Turtle Creek Crossing Casino
Mission, South Dakota
"Catherine Jordan"
This was absolutely, by far, the most I have ever paid for a hotel room and also the worst experience I have ever had with a hotel. I would not recommend the Holiday Inn Express to anyone. In April I booked 2 rooms, each with 2 Queen Beds and a pull out sofa bed, for my bachelorette party on 07/09 on the Holiday Inn Express website. My sister then called the hotel and requested that our rooms be adjoining (if possible) or as close together as possible (same floor) and was told room assignments had not been started yet so they would mark our reservation with the request. We arrived after check-in had begun and were told that our room type was not ready because housekeeping was behind. 30 minutes or so later we were finally able to check-in, but were told the closest rooms available were on the 1st and 6th floors and if we only took one at that time and waited for a closer room to be cleaned we were not guaranteed to have a 2nd room. So, we took our stuff to the room on the 1st floor and were informed that the room we had keys for was 1. already occupied and 2. a King room. The housekeeper called the front desk where we went to get our keys to the correct room, which was not the correct room. The 2nd room they tried to put us in only had 2 Queen beds, no pull out sofa, and we were told we were incorrect and that was the right room. I doubled checked my reservation and we had indeed booked 2 rooms with 2 queens and a pull out sofa. Finally, after being given the wrong room twice we are given a room on the 4th floor where we found garbage in the refrigerator from the previous guests, and upon arriving back at the room after the bachelorette party we discovered there were no sheets on the pull out couch, no extra pillows, and not extra blankets in the room. Already fed up one of us slept on that pull out sofa using a beach towel as a blanket. Also, there were no towels in the room on the 6th floor and when we finally got to our rooms around 5:30 we were told they wouldn't have towels available until after 7:30 that evening. We were given the manager's phone number, which rang back to the front desk where we were told at 4:30 that no manager would be present at the hotel until 8 PM. So on a busy Saturday evening there was no manager present during check-in, or until 4 hours after check-in started. We called customer service and were told that hotel staff would come find us the next morning to discuss our abysmal treatment, and that did not happen. One of us had to go to the front desk, where the staff was again, not very helpful.