Amanda Timm
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"Amanda Timm"
Been goin here for 5 years maybe? Since the first year they were open I've been coming here. Let me tell you that I've done more business with these guys then any other place in town with the exception of bars and gas stations. I want to share my favorite vip story. Once I saw an elderly couple bring in their grandchild who couldn't have been over 10 to find a specific game on one of the newer consoles. These people were out of their element so to speak, but ready to throw down serious cash to get their little guy his new game. Well vip didn't have it in stock, now most stores would secure a sale buy enticing them to order it through the store or letting them walk out empty handed...BILL CALLED AROUND TOWN UNTIL HE FOUND A COPY FOR THEM TO BUY FROM ANOTHER BUSINESS... just so that kid could get his game. If that doesn't speak volumes about the integrity of a man who runs his business by the golden rule, then I don't know what does. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND VIP. Thank you Bill for always being a stand up guy. CODY C AND AMANDA