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Jul 12 '16 at 23:10

0 stars. We needed to rent a car for 4th of July weekend for business, but since there were many different people going with us, we were looking at many options. With this in mind, before we reserved a car with any company, the first thing we asked was if they had a cancellation fee. We called this location, they told us that as long as we cancelled it within 48 hours of your reservation there would be no fee. Ended up that one of the couples that were supposed to go with us had a close family member pass away earlier that week. So, we cancelled our reservation online almost a week before our pickup date to find that we were returned everything but $50. What a surprise! A cancellation fee. We were told to email a lady named Megan, who said that she understood the situation, and would return the fee. But first she needed proof. We were just carpooling with this couple, which we knew through a mutual friend who would be in a separate car. We do not even have their contact info, and they wanted us to ask them for proof that this couple's family member died before they could give us our money back. Obviously, we are not about to be that insensitive to ask a grieving family to send us proof. We did what we were supposed to do by cancelling in a timely manner, as the representative told us to do, and this is how they handled it. When I responded back to her email politely questioning the moral integrity of her request, she stopped responding to me. When I called back to customer service yet again, after being told a few times before that our account has been noted and we should be refunded the money, the first question I asked was what notes were on our account since we still didn't have the money back, and they said it only noted that it was cancelled. When asked to speak with a supervisor, the lady on the other end told me that there was no supervisor there...oh, please. But yet when she went on hold she came back and said that she spoke with someone who advised her to handle it this way. That sounds a lot like something a supervisor would tell her. I then called the local office. The man who answered to phone at this location was of no help. While on the phone with me, he starts carrying on a conversation with a customer at the desk. He was very rude and just placed me on hold. Before he did that, I could hear the customer saying that he just picked up his car and refused to take it off the lot because he felt unsafe using it for a road trip with his family. Among other things, the tires were completely bald and had no traction. Never again will I even think about using this company or EZ Rentals, which has the exact same people running their customer service. It was nothing but lies upon lies...very disappointing.