Charles Hyme
Black Hawk Casino Black Hawk Casino
Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Charles Hyme"
I normally don't give bad reviews but this wasn't a good experience and I've only been here a hour. We called ahead of time to see when we could check in. The lady told us 2PM. So we drove from Colorado Springs ( the hotel there was amazing) and got here shortly after 2 and was told the room wasn't ready ( which I was ok with). They took my number and said they would call shortly. Sat around 40 minutes and then decided to go ask if it was ready. They said it had been ready for 20 minutes. I'm a little irritated but then I get to the room and neither keys work. Now I'm irritated a little more. Ask to speak to the manager and she said it was our responsibility to check to see if room was done ( not sure why the lady said she'd call me). Then she says they are busy on Sunday's and they have other guest to check in. Honestly didn't feel like a guest the manager made me feel like I was wasting her time. All she had to do was apologize and address the issue instead of blaming it on being busy.