Lou Cypher
Fitzy's - Waterford Fitzy's - Waterford
Waterford, Queensland
"Lou Cypher"
Ordered a full rack of pork ribs and they served me a half rack, when told of this they quickly arrived back at my table with a full rack of cold ribs coated in a bland bbq sauce. I tried to eat the salad, however it was soaked in a horrendous oil which tasted as if a dog had peed on it. Oh, and the coleslaw (if thats what it was) was unedable. They did offer to "zap" my ribs to warm them up but i said don't bother, my expierience has been totally disapointing and i was done! Over priced and under cooked garbage. For a good steak and great expierience try the "beach house" at Garden City shoping Centre Mt Gravatt.