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"Rachelle Camille"
Went here for a Boyz II Men concert tonight. The concert was amazing had a great time! However, I wish there were signs outside the parking lot to let us know which entrance to park near to get to the venue. I just drove until I gave up and parked in the south parking lot. The event center is at the west parking lot...go figure. There was nothing by where we were telling us where the event was and how to get there. After walking around for 10 minutes we asked a staff member who was really helpful. We then decided to grab a quick bite too eat at the food court by the event center. I went to Nathan's...there was only one lady working there and she was struggling to manage everything herself...note to mgmt there...maybe have 2 people working at a time because it took longer than needed to place and complete orders and there was only 4 of us in line, smh. Need some improvements Twin River.